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We have a full fleet of taxis and shuttles ready to give you and your party a lift any time.

If you are planning on a fun night out with all of your friends, let us handle the driving.


Airport Shuttle

Airport Transportation

Taxi | Grace and Mercy Taxi

In our many years in the transportation business, we have come to realize that no two rides are ever alike. We have provided taxi rides for all kinds of...

Airport Shuttle | Grace and Mercy Taxi

Getting to the airport doesn’t have to be the ordeal that everyone has come to dread. With our airport shuttle service, we make getting to the airport...

Airport Transportation | Grace and Mercy Taxi

Here at Grace and Mercy Taxi, we help to ease some of the stresses that come with travelling by air. Many of our clients are frequent business fliers who...

Get to your flight on time by trusting us for airport transportation. It’s affordable and professional.

We here at Grace and Mercy Taxi believe that a taxi service should be as professional as possible. When you call for a taxi, you should feel 100% confident that you are riding with a safe and professional driver at all times. Therefore, safety and professionalism is what you will get every time you rely on us for taxi services. We have worked hard to become one of the safest and most reliable taxi services in Fayetteville, NC. Our customers know us to be the most dependable and trustworthy transportation service.

When getting to where you need to be late is simply not an option, rely on our taxi services. In addition to safety and professionalism, we put a high emphasis on prompt transportation service. Our drivers know Fayetteville and the surrounding areas better than any other drivers do. We can get you to where you need to go even if you don’t know the name of the place you are trying to reach.

Our customers arrive at their destination happy and on time. Our drivers are helpful and will do what they can to make sure you are satisfied with our service. The next time you want a safe, comfortable, and prompt taxi service, give us a call!